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A skilled based program, this bundle that comes with subscription facility is chiefly meant for teachers and trainers looking forward to upgrade their teaching skills to a significant extent. If you want to sustain with ease in the ever changing teaching world and also get global recognition, these courses serve the best for you. The course bundles from Teachers Training World are created to help you to train you at the very own pace as well as at a very affordable & convenient course fee options. Your desired bundle of courses are available in one subscription, as well as you are also invited to hop around through all the courses in the bundle. Every course bundle is usually broken down into various linked courses dedicated to prepare you the Teaching profession.

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What You Get in This Course Bundle


In this module we will collect information about the characteristics that are common among students with HAF/AS (high-functioning autism) and students...  

Neuro Linguistic Programming (Nlp)

NLP is an approach used to evaluate and help motivate and train individuals to move from their present level of achievement to their desired level of ...  

Need Analysis

This module covers the most important component of any training program; Needs Analysis. This module will help you identify ways and means of conducti...

Phonology An Overview


Phonology is a branch of linguistics, teaches Vowels & consonants.Phonology is the branch of linguistics which investigates the way in which speech s...  


The strategies of differentiated instructions help to bring reading to life in your classroom, whether you're teaching kindergarten or high school. It...

Teaching Large Classes


The concept of large classes varies from place to place. For example in Japan 20 is a large class. However the numbers are not important but what the ...

Teaching Reading


Understanding what we are reading is key and is certainly the main point of teaching reading in a class. The goal of reading is comprehension. Strateg...

Time Management


Time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase ef...